We guarantee the best delivery times in the market. Don’t wait months for your purchases with other companies that deceive you, our biggest commitment is to comply with the established delivery times, so you can enjoy your orders as soon as possible.

We have the most competitive shipping minimums in the market, establishing a minimum of 1 pound by air and 1 cubic foot by sea.

We handle all customs processes and expenses. The nationalization cost is already included in our rate, so there is no need to pay an additional fee. No hassle guaranteed, we work it out for you.

We offer personalized attention, with a trained team to each of our clients according to their needs

We don’t charge any kind of affiliation, subscription or monthly instalment.

Home deliveries everywhere in Caracas without any additional charge.

Deliveries nationwide via DHL.

We offer you the option of picking up your packages in our offices if you prefer.

We provide free advisory services and guide you, if required, in your online purchases.

We function as a purchasing agent for you in the United States, just let us know what your need, and we do the rest.

You can track your shipments through our website.

We handle all customs processes.

We do not request credit cards for automatic charges.