1) Why use Tu Entrega Express?

We are leaders in the market because of the delivery time, once we receive the shipping instructions from the customer in 5 (five) business days you will have your merchandise available in our warehouse in Caracas.

2) Do I have to pay some kind of monthly payment or some amount for the subscription?

The affiliation to our service is completely free without any monthly payment, you simply have to pay the cost of the freight of your orders, at the most competitive prices in the market.

3) How does the service work?

We invite you to take a look at our “how to buy” (LINK) section. It’s easy and in just 4 steps you’ll be able to do it. Or instead, you can watch our “how to buy” video.

4) How long does it take to get my orders?

On Air cargo, it will be 5 business days after we receive the shipping instructions, and for sea freight the approximate time is 3 weeks.

5) What are the cargo with restrictions?

Some products require special permits, if you want to transfer some of the following items it’s important that you contact us first before making your purchase: Tobacco and weapons, perishable food, live animals, seeds, plants, explosives and ammunition, toxic substances, precursors and chemical substances, medicines, drugs, narcotics, fireworks and gunpowder, gas, tear gas, pepper gas, lighters and / or matches, poisons, batteries containing chemicals, pressure packaging, gas-based tools.

6) Will the cost of my air shipments be calculated by weight or volume?

The costs of air shipments are calculated based on their weight in pounds or volumetric weight, to calculate the volumetric weight multiply the 3 measures in inches of your package (height x width x length) and the result is divided by 166.

For example: the box measures 15 inches high x 8 inches wide x 5 inches long, the three measures are multiplied and we have a result of 600 divided by 166 to obtain the volumetric weight 600/166 = 3.61 pounds.

7) How do I calculate the cost of my shipping?

Sea shipments are calculated based on the dimensions of the package (s) in Cubic Feet. To calculate the cubic feet multiply the 3 measures in inches of your package (height x width x length) and divide the result by 1728

For example: the box measures 30 inches high x 45 inches long x 30 inches wide, the three measures are multiplied and we have a result of 40500 divided by 1728 to obtain cubic feet. 40500/1728 = 23.43 cubic feet.

8) Are there weight or volume limits?

No, there is no restriction, or any weight or volume limit, we even ship heavy machinery or vehicles, just let us know what your needs and requirements are.

9) Can my packages be consolidated?

Yes, in Tu Entrega Express we care about optimizing your orders, consolidating them in the most efficient way. It’s necessary that previously, at the time of making your purchases you authorize us to open your packages to properly group them, so that your shipments are cheaper and guarantee the delivery times.

10) Can Tu Entrega Express service be hired and used by a company?

Yes, Tu Entrega Express provides global logistics solutions at any scale, we offer 20 ‘or 40’ sized containers, just contact us and we’ll do the rest.

11) Where do my orders arrive? Can I pick them up personally?

We offer you the option of withdrawing your purchases directly in our offices conveniently located in Caracas. When we notify you of the arrival of your merchandise, let us know if you wish to pick it up personally or prefer to receive it in the comfort of your home or work.

12) Can you send the packages to my registration address?

Yes, all orders can be delivered to your home address at the shipping address, which was given by you at the time of your registration.

13) What is a tracking number?

It’s the identification number of your packages that allows you to track your purchases or requirements throughout their journey to your hands.

14) What is the shipping address?

The shipping address is the place where you’ll send your purchases in the Usa, which you must send to our address located at 8351 NW 66TH ST, MIAMI, FLORIDA 33166 accompanied by your name and surname as well as the express partner number that you obtained at the time of your affiliation as shown in our section ‘how to buy’.

15) How do I see the cost of my shipments?

Once we receive all your purchases in our stores in Miami we will send you the price of your shipment, and once we confirm the arrival of your merchandise to our stores in Caracas you can verify the final cost of the service through your account in the ‘registered users’ section on our website, and then notify us if you wish to withdraw your shipment personally or wish to receive it at home.

16) How can I pay?

You can cancel once your shipments are in the warehouse in Venezuela.

17) What are the payment methods?

Dollars, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Zelle.

18) What is the work schedule of Tu entrega Express?

You can contact us Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in our offices in Miami or Caracas.