COURIER DOOR/DOOR: This service assigns you for free your fixed address in the United States, where you can receive all your purchases which we will send via AIR or SEA, according to your preference, to our headquarters in Caracas in record time. Once there you decide if you want to receive it in your home or office or pick it up in our facilities.

BUYING AGENTS IN USA: Send us your request to our mail and we will gladly quote it for you and send it to you. We know how difficult it is in Venezuela to adquire items such as medical equipment, spare parts for vehicles, electrical parts, as well as the hardship of getting different currencies … don’t suffer anymore, rely on our infrastructure and through our logistics we can answer to your concerns. Just get in contact with us.

CARGO CONSOLIDATION: This service allows you to reduce the cost of your shipping and expedite the transfer processes, we take care of our warehouses in Miami to group your orders in the most efficient way possible. (This service has no additional cost, it must be previously required by you)

20´ AND 40´ SIZED CONTAINERS: We offer our customers 20’o or 40´ sized containers for the exclusive transfer of their machinery, vehicle or merchandise.